Did you know that centuries apart, both Georg Friedrich Handel and Jimi Hendrix lived in the same house in London’s Brook Street?
Camerata Alma Viva has decided to make the two geniuses finally meet in a programme mixing danses from all times and places, from the “Ice Age” Waltz, the baroque Passacaglia, to the virtuosi Csardas, all original arrangements by CAV’s one and only arranger Eric Mouret. The final Hendrix cover of Purple Haze has been chosen as “Pick of the Month” on BBC Radio 3.
The rest of the programme is dedicated to the wonderful Mozart Divertimenti, jewels of the string repertoire and source of inspiration and experimentation for the ensemble since their first session back in 2009.
Camerata Alma Viva is proud to present all of their original arrangements and invites you to discover their daring version of the Mozart Divertimenti!
The “Handel to Hendrix” album will be released in early 2019 by the French label NoMadMusic.